Western VISA Services is able to obtain Business and Tourist visas for most countries of the world for all British, EU and other nationals who have any sort of residency for the UK.
Our aim of the website has been to provide the user with a concise and accurate visa information portal whereby all rules and embassy formalities are presented in an easy and understandable way.
Although our site contains up to date visa information for all the countries of the world at time of input, please note that visa requirements can and do constantly change and there usually is a delay before we are advised of any changes. We are therefore unable to guarantee complete accuracy at all times, but in order to provide the best service possible please note that we do on a fortnightly basis check every embassy requirements to match ours. Hence eliminating the possibility of mistakes.
In addition we have provided you the user, free access to over 100 visa application forms for varying countries. You may access this information, and download the forms free of charge, by selecting your nationality and destination from the drop down menus above.
The cost of each visa consists of an Embassy fee plus a small charge to us. All visa fees and our charges are listed on the requirements sheet once you choose your destination.
Visa formalities are becoming stringent day-by-day. Each embassy has its own rules and regulations as to requirements for issuance of visas. Hence, it is most advisable that in order to avoid considerable delay and hassle for yourself, you use a professional agency such as ourselves. We will ensure:

* All application forms have been completed correctly.
* Requirements have been correctly met.
* Paperwork you are submitting is acceptable to the embassy in question.
* You are aware of when you will be receiving your passport back from the embassy.

All Embassies require your passport for varying lengths of time in order to issue a visa. Western VISA Services can give accurate guidelines as to processing times and by using its services you are ensuring the fastest processing time possible.